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SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] – e of s (Single)

GochiUsa Character Song Selection Album: order the songs

ZAQ – Serendipity (Single) FLIP FLAPPERS OP

(C91) Yuuhei Satellite – Shinrabansho ni furete 森羅万象に触れて

(C91) Shoujo Fractal – Rinne shirazu no ai 輪廻知らずの愛

Alternative Girls Theme Song “Lunaria”

Donations January & Additional Information 2017


For those who read the last news about my retirement here are my answer.
I stay the all winter season 4 months more apx (we all provide the same music at time As usual 🙂 ) after this, the other adminstrator Ksteven take the page.

Now i talk about donations this month we need a huge donations because i need to renew the domains from the main page and forum
– Domains renew
– Hosting from the main page (FREE FOR DMCA)
– Hosting from the forum
– Dedidicated Server
This month we need a $70 only for this month we back to the 50 in February.
Remember the Donations will be ready before 5 from every month to avoid extra charges or page down.
Hope you guys can help us with us soon.

Donators [$101/ $70] [Complete]

$10 USA
$10 Islandia
$50 USA
$1 South Korea
$20 South Korea
$10 Australia

ty for Donations guys 🙂


Addition Information
+ C91 Thread is already up Here for request and Downloads .
+ 95% of the links of the page are working (in this 4 months, i try to replace the Embedupload links for new Links)
+ All Copyright CD from Lantis we are moved to the forum now. (if you are new here create a free account in the forum)
+ For Winter season CD we provided FLAC & Hi-res Format (ONLY For Anime Music CDs & Huge Game Soundtracks)
+ The Look and the System from the Forum we are changing Soon.
+ Servers changes / We are Use only now Cloudup,Drive,MEGA,Zippy,MF/Solidfiles,Yandex & Openload only. and torrents for files with size 300+.
+ The Format from the Post/Topics change Soon [Description/DL Links & Lyrics]



How to Donate (Every Donations is Wellcome!)



Merry Cristmas & Happy New Year Guys! Hna Team. o/

(C91) WHITE ALBUM2 Original Soundtrack ~kazusa~

(C91) FELT – Fluster Escape