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Donations February & Additional Information [Complete]

Hello guys im collecting the donations from February, this month need $50 🙂

+Pay Hosting (free DMCA located in Holanda/Netherlands)

+Pay Dedicated Server.

+Pay Hosting from the forum.


[Status $67 / $50]

US $50 / US $10 / United Kingdom $2 / Germany $5


The Donations they have to be ready before February 05.

“thanks for the support guys”



February plans.

My friend Jorgelam already donated for some singles in paypal, u guys can see this singles the same day in Hikarinoakari [Itunes/Mora stuff]

Seiren OP (Hanako Oku – Kimi no Hana) All Out OP2 & ED2 (CIVILIAN – Seija no Koshin and Alisa Takigawa – No Side) ,Konomi Suzuki – Chaos Syndrome) Masamune ED (ChouCho – Elemental World) Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation ED (Yusuke Saeki – Now or Never) Kuzu no Honkai OP & ED (96neko – Uso no Hibana and Sayuri – Heikousen)

My plans is a otome music in digital releases.

Marginal #4 CDs , Idolish7 Singles , Needle No.6 – B/Project and others more.

How to donate?


Some guy calliing Mashin is using my name and spam in Torrents, if u dont know this guy is a jelous and another thinks that I will not mention here ,have a bad story in to the other name ultimate17.

Ignore this guy (never buy a itunes or mora CDs) , he only steal music from tsdm and here to, have a multiple accounts and use proxy to enter a different sites , trasconded music from videos and he bother users from the forum to .


MARGINAL#4 – Shinobi – Just A Zeccho (HEAVEN) – / Melty Love Cooking (Single)

Nao Toyama – True Destiny/Chain the world (1st Single) Chain Chronicle ED

Machico – TOMORROW (Single) KonoSuba S2 OP

Wanna Go Home – Aqua/Megumin/Darkness (Single) KonoSuba S2 ED

nano – MY LIBERATION/PARAISO (Single) Chain Chronicle OP

UVERworld – Itteki no Eikyou (Single) Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou Hen OP

Poppin’Party – Tokimeki Experience! (Single) BanG Dream! OP

“ClassicaLoid” presents ORIGINAL CLASSICAL MUSIC No.1

Kenichi Suzumura – Naked Man (Mini Album)