Aimer – daydream (4th Album)

  • tensuke

    Love Aimer, thanks!

  • sandoxclocker

    thanks 🙂

  • Igor Souza

    I’ve been waiting for this, thank you!

  • Agil Darmawan

    oh damn!! i’ve been wait for this since last 2 months ago :3 thanks 🙂

    • Shinobu

      thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aimer <3

      • JuanPablo-R

        Thank You!! 😀

  • Ling Tosite

    Anyone know which artist collaborated with which song?

    • RonSnow

      ONE OK ROCK with insane dream, Higher Ground, closer, Falling Alone, Stars in the rain.
      Ling Tosite with us and Kowairo
      Hiroyuki Sawano with ninelie
      androp with twoface and Kataomoi
      Mao Abe with for Lonely
      RADWIMPS with Chouchou Musubi
      Sukima Switch with Hz

  • Krulcifer Akitsukii

    sankyuu..!! :3

  • Agil Darmawan

    so epic album with many collaborated song in it, love it!

    • Aaron Sa

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      • love-love desu ♡

        OMG thank you TuT <3

  • this japanese singer never stop to amuse me with her songs

    • Tatsushidou

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  • m.

    MUCHAS GRACIAS!!! <333333333333