batta – chase (Single) JoJo’s Diamond is Unbreakable OP2

  • HalfwayDead

    Thanks so much!! Can’t wait for the 320k though!

  • Creed1217

    thanks a bunch!

  • Exparagus

    I can’t stand how DiU’s openings are so short. It really bothers me because they’re great songs.

  • :D

    ty , waiting for 320k too

  • Smash Brothers!


  • Nasrul Haq

    what is 320k, is it a high quality version or something

  • not EDM ver 🙁

  • Alex3142

    When does the 320kbps come out?

  • gRiMmYdArK13

    320 release?


    thank you waiting on 320k version