binaria – Kami-iro Awase (Single) Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine OP

  • Eduardo Faria Guimarães


  • Oh. Freaking. Yes! This is like a surprise on my birthday! Except it isn’t my birthday!! Argh! Eargasmic!

    • Licht Todoroki

      surprisingly, today is my birthday lol

      • Then Happy Absolute Hope Birthday (Zettai Kibou Birthday) to you, dear! May your day today be full of happiness and joy! (>w<)8

  • luiz

    Yhanks for another great single its amazing!!!

  • btw, “reino blanco” means “white kingdom” in spanish c:

  • Iwan D’Alcander

    Thank you

  • love this OP Thanks

  • Snowflurr

    Best release ever. I need more Yanagi dose.

  • Cheri Bonnefoy

    Oh wait that’s not right.

  • Rizky Andika

    sankyuu min

  • Shinigami Kaizoku

    I waiting for this, Thank You TTwTT …

  • Ranmaru-San

    Love this OP . Thank you

  • Smash Brothers!


  • Chikin

    The link doesn’t work for me, can u pls fix it? >.< I want the op sooo bad. Thx. 🙂

    • all link is working sorry…