BUMP OF CHICKEN – Butterflies (Album)


BUMP OF CHICKEN – Butterflies (Download)

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 Release (2016.02.10) / Catalog Number TFCC-86552

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  BUMP OF CHICKEN brings an album with 11 tracks total, including leading songs (incl. “You were here,” “Fighter,” “Parade”), new ones (incl. “Butterfly”), and more.



1. GO
2. Hello,world!
3. Butterfly
4. 流星群
5. 宝石になった日
6. コロニー
7. パレード
8. 大我慢大会
9. 孤独の合唱
10. You were here
11. ファイター


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        • Ksteven

          If i knew about any site i should reupload by now, if you find it please let me know :/

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