BUNGO STRAY DOGS Character Song Mini Album Vol.1

  • password are written in the forum copyright links

  • yuuki

    password is…?

  • Takashi Iwama

    I’ve been waiting! Thank you! !

  • Namae

    Why the files are .m4a and not .mp3? :/

  • Sai Fujoshi

    the password isn’t working for me, i copied and paste and its not letting me :/

    • why copy and paste? type it

      • Sai Fujoshi

        easier for me lol

    • Ichaparnex9

      Yep me too

  • Yani_Senpai

    Has anyone found a translation of these lyrics yet?

  • Gisell Moura

    Thanks *—-*

  • Tatsushidou

    las pistas 2 y 4 son los dramas?? porque no aparecen en el archivo zip

    • que dice abajo del tracklist?