Collecting Donations from April [Complete]

Hello guys im collecting the donations from April, this month we need $50 🙂

+Pay Hosting (free DMCA located in Holanda/Netherlands)

+Pay Dedicated Server.

+Pay Hosting from the forum.


[Status in progress $50 / $50]

[$1 +$5+$20+$5+$10+$5+$2+$4]


The Donations must be ready before 4/04/2017 this month or the page die…

Goodbye tsuba?

tsuba: and yeah i leave in april (The page will not close yet), i update the page in my free time only (Nights) now i do not have same time that had the last years.. so the page will be update slow this time. and dont worry i will be upload the same content. And lastly , I put a lot of effort to reupload every anime collection in march and maybe the request zones will be closed temporarily.


“thanks for the support” –HnA never dies—

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Collecting Donations from March [Complete]

Hello guys im collecting the donations from March, this month we need $50 🙂

+Pay Hosting (free DMCA located in Holanda/Netherlands)

+Pay Dedicated Server.

+Pay Hosting from the forum.


[Status in progress $73 / $50]

Poland $4,Tailand $3, South Korean $20,US $10, Rusia 1$, US $10, Germany $5, Argentina $10 , Italy $5 , Australia $4,  Mexico 1$ ,


The Donations must be ready before 5/03/2017 this month.

and yeah maybe this is the last month from me,ksteven take the page after this.

“thanks for the support”

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Donations February & Additional Information [Complete]

Hello guys im collecting the donations from February, this month need $50 🙂

+Pay Hosting (free DMCA located in Holanda/Netherlands)

+Pay Dedicated Server.

+Pay Hosting from the forum.


[Status $67 / $50]

US $50 / US $10 / United Kingdom $2 / Germany $5


The Donations they have to be ready before February 05.

“thanks for the support guys”



February plans.

My friend Jorgelam already donated for some singles in paypal, u guys can see this singles the same day in Hikarinoakari [Itunes/Mora stuff]

Seiren OP (Hanako Oku – Kimi no Hana) All Out OP2 & ED2 (CIVILIAN – Seija no Koshin and Alisa Takigawa – No Side) ,Konomi Suzuki – Chaos Syndrome) Masamune ED (ChouCho – Elemental World) Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation ED (Yusuke Saeki – Now or Never) Kuzu no Honkai OP & ED (96neko – Uso no Hibana and Sayuri – Heikousen)

My plans is a otome music in digital releases.

Marginal #4 CDs , Idolish7 Singles , Needle No.6 – B/Project and others more.

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Some guy calliing Mashin is using my name and spam in Torrents, if u dont know this guy is a jelous and another thinks that I will not mention here ,have a bad story in to the other name ultimate17.

Ignore this guy (never buy a itunes or mora CDs) , he only steal music from tsdm and here to, have a multiple accounts and use proxy to enter a different sites , trasconded music from videos and he bother users from the forum to .


Donations January & Additional Information 2017


For those who read the last news about my retirement here are my answer.
I stay the all winter season 4 months more apx (we all provide the same music at time As usual 🙂 ) after this, the other adminstrator Ksteven take the page.

Now i talk about donations this month we need a huge donations because i need to renew the domains from the main page and forum
– Domains renew
– Hosting from the main page (FREE FOR DMCA)
– Hosting from the forum
– Dedidicated Server
This month we need a $70 only for this month we back to the 50 in February.
Remember the Donations will be ready before 5 from every month to avoid extra charges or page down.
Hope you guys can help us with us soon.

Donators [$101/ $70] [Complete]

$10 USA
$10 Islandia
$50 USA
$1 South Korea
$20 South Korea
$10 Australia

ty for Donations guys 🙂


Addition Information
+ C91 Thread is already up Here for request and Downloads .
+ 95% of the links of the page are working (in this 4 months, i try to replace the Embedupload links for new Links)
+ All Copyright CD from Lantis we are moved to the forum now. (if you are new here create a free account in the forum)
+ For Winter season CD we provided FLAC & Hi-res Format (ONLY For Anime Music CDs & Huge Game Soundtracks)
+ The Look and the System from the Forum we are changing Soon.
+ Servers changes / We are Use only now Cloudup,Drive,MEGA,Zippy,MF/Solidfiles,Yandex & Openload only. and torrents for files with size 300+.
+ The Format from the Post/Topics change Soon [Description/DL Links & Lyrics]



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Merry Cristmas & Happy New Year Guys! Hna Team. o/

Collecting Donations from November [Complete]


Hello guys im collecting the donations from November, this month need $50 🙂

+Pay Hosting (free DMCA located in Holanda/Netherlands)

+Pay Dedicated Server.

+Pay Hosting from the forum.

[Status in progress $75 / $50]

-1 Donator $10 / -2 Donator $5 – 3 Donator $10 -4 Donator $5 -5 Donator $ 10 6 Donator $15 – 7 Donator $5 – 8 Donator $10

The Donations must be ready before 5/11/2016 this month.

“thanks for the support”


Novembers plans.

+ New music fall season and more otome CDs, Jmusic etc

+we have more Anime collections and discographys.

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Collecting Donations from October [Complete]


Im collecting the donations from October, this month need $50 🙂

+Pay Hosting (free DMCA located in Holanda/Netherlands)

+Pay Dedicated Server.

+Pay Hosting from the forum.

[Status in progress $80 / $50]

*9 Donators

“thanks for the support”

The Donations must be ready before 7/10/2016 this month.


+ New music from the Fall coming soon.

+October we have more collections and discographys.

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Collecting Donations from September [Complete]


I collecting the donations from september this month need $40 not $50 someone already pay $10 😀 ,you guys can see the progress on the right .

+Pay Hosting (free DMCA located in Holanda/Netherlands)

+Pay Dedicated Server.

+Pay Hosting from the forum.

[Status Complete]

thanks to Kim to donate $40 o.O & and the other donators to 😀

The Donations must be ready before 7/9/2016 this month.

+Last month we had almost all the music of summer and hope you enjoyed.

+For september will be sharing a discographys and more OST collection. and of course new music.

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thanks for the support guys.

READ!! Important!! “Donations from this Month” [COMPLETE]



[Donations Done thanks you!!]


Hello guys As I said in the facebook (the page down June 10 for DMCA) now i collecting the donations every month Why?

The guys from Pony Canyon contact to my hosting provider and they reported and suspended the site Image … so we had to buy a more expensive with “Free for DMCA”, High Bandwidth and protected with Cloudfire the cost every month is $20.

Other then that i pay $30 more for the “Dedicated Server” for share torrents and upload the files fast because my internet sucks 🙁 the Dedicated Server have 60MB for download and 40MB for upload and have big highdrive to save files to.


The total donations from every month is $50

Help us to Pay this and keep us alive The page will never down again with this 🙂

The Donations must be ready before 7/7/2016 this month. When complete the donations this topic will be deleted from the Home Page ,if they are not paid before well… the page down again and maybe will no provide free music anymore lol

You guys can see the progress down from the donation botton. The donators they will be written here.

Thank You. for support guys.

Donators Jule

+ Nhu Truong

+ Patrick H

+ Sheila L

+ Patricia K

+ Ronnie S

+ Anna M

+ Zachary Mun

+ Kevin V

+ Dennis V

+ ชัยวัฒน์ ตั้งราษฎร์นิยม

+ karim Muizzuddin M

+ Calvin L


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First Enter to any post to this thanks.




Hola chicos Como dije en el facebook (la página se fue borrado el 10 de junio DMCA) tenesmos que recoger donaciones meses ¿Por qué?

Esa gente de Pony Canyon coctacto a mi proveedor de alojamiento suspendio el sitio de la imagen aqui  … así que tuvimos que comprar más caro , con “Libre de DMCA”, gran ancho de banda y protegido con CloudFire el costo cada mes es de $ 20.

Aparte de eso hay que  pagar $ 30 más para el “servidor dedicado” a compartir  Torrrents y cargar los archivos rápido porque mi internet  apesta 🙁  el servidor dedicado tiene 60 MB de descarga y 40 MB para la subida y tienen gran Highdrive para guardar archivos.

Las donaciones totales de cada mes es de $ 50

Ayúdanos a pagar esto y mantener la página viva será La página no se volvera a caer nunca con esto:)

Las donaciones deben estar listos antes de 7/7/2016 de este mes. Cuando se haya completado las donaciones de este tema serán eliminados de la página inicial.

Ustedes pueden ver el progreso hacia abajo desde el botton donación. Los donantes serán escritos aquí.

Gracias. El personal Hikarinoakari !!

Como Donar ? Clic en Icono o lear esto Read this

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Upcoming Anime Music Summer / Verano 2016


: Some dates may change

: The music from some animes is not confirmed yet.

: This list not incluyed the music from animes durations 3 to 10min

[Edit 2016.09.12]



:This List is made by tsuba20@hikarinoakariost is prohibited to copy & paste my list in another sites thanks



[Animes they continue]


Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

4 (1)


Opening 2 Theme

“Paradoxum” by MYTH&ROID [Download]————–

Ending 2 Theme

“Stay Alive” by Emilia (CV: Rie Takahashi) [Download]

Soundtrack 1 [Download]


Dragon Ball Super

4 (4)


Ending 5 Theme

“Yoka-Yoka Dance” by Batten Shojo-tai [Download]


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable



Opening 2 Theme

“chase” by batta [Download]——————-

Original Soundtrack 1 [Download]



4 (5)


Opening Theme 2

“Chou Onsoku Destiny by Glay [Download]——-

Ending Theme 2

“Eien Loop” by Ami Wajima [Download]——

Original Soundtrack [Download]


Naruto Shippuden



Opening 19
“Blood Circulator” by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION [Download]——-——————

Ending 38
“Pino to Ameri” by Huwie Ishizaki [Download]———

Original Soundtrack Vol.III [Download]


Kyoukai no RINNE 2

4 (2)


Opening 2 Theme

“Ainii” por CreepHyp [Download]———–

Ending 2 Theme
“Beautiful Life” por Shiggy Jr. [Download]


One Piece



Opening 19

“We can!” by Kishidan and Hiroshi Kitadani [Download]

Soundtrack 2016 [Download]


Macross Delta



Opening 2

“Zettai Reido θ Novatic” by Walkure [Download]———-

Ending Theme 2

“Hametsu no Junjou” by Walkure [Download]

Soundtrack 2 [Download]

Insert Songs 2 Album [Download]


Sousei no Onmyouji



Opening 2

“Re:call” by i Ris [Download]———-

Ending Theme 2

Yadoriboshi” by  Itowokashi [Download]

Soundtrack no have a release date yet


Gyakuten Saiban: Sono “Shinjitsu



Opening 2
“Jinsei wa Subarashii” by Johnny’s West [Download]———-
Ending Theme 2
“Junai Chaos” by Tokyo Performance Doll [Download]

Soundtrack 1 [2016.08.24]


Nanatsu no Taizai: Seisen no Shirushi



Opening Theme
“CLASSIC” by MUCC [Download] ——-
Ending Theme
“Iro Asenai Hitomi” by Alisa Takigawa [Download]



[New Animes]


Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara

2 (30)


Opening Theme
“ROUGH DIAMONDS” by SCREEN mode [Download]————
Ending Theme
“Snowdrop” by nano.Ripe [Download]——-

Soundtrack [2016.11.23]


Berserk (2016)

2 (1)


Opening Theme
“Inferno” by 9mm Parabellum Bullet [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“Meimoku no Kanata” by Nagi Yanagi [Download]——-

Soundtrack [2016.10.28]



2 (27)


Opening Theme
“Philosophyz” by Runa Mizutani [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“Sasayaki na Hajimari” by Runa Mizutani [Download]——-

Opening Theme 2
“Word of Dawn” by Aoi Tada [Download]—————
Ending Theme 2
“End of the World” by Anri Kumaki [Download] [Download]-


91 Days

2 (11)


Opening Theme

“Signal” by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“Rain or Shine” by ELISa [Download]——-

Soundtrack [Download]



Basic RGB


Opening Theme
“Button” by PENGUIN RESEARCH [Download]——–

MD2000 ~ReLIFE Ending Songs~ Album
I WiSH, Tamio Okuda, CHEMISTRY, the brilliant green, Sentimental Bus, T.M.Revolution, Mika Nakashima, PUFFY, BLACK BISCUITS, Porno Graffitti, Whiteberry, L’Arc~en~Ciel [Download]

SoundtracK [2016.09.13]

Character Song 1 [Download]


D.Gray-man Hallow



Opening Theme
“Key -bring it on, my Destiny-” by Lenny code fiction [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“Lotus Pain” by Mashiro Ayano [Download]——-

Soundtrack [Download]


Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen – Mirai-hen

2 (2)


Opening Theme
“DEAD OR LIE” by Maon Kurosaki feat.TRUSTRICK [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“Recall THE END” by TRUSTRICK [Download]——-

Soundtrack 1 [2016.10.27]


Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen – Zetsubou-hen



Opening Theme
“Kami-iro Awase” by binaria [Download]——–
Ending Theme
Zettai Kibou Birthday / Nagito Komaeda (CV: Megumi Ogata) [Download]——-

Soundtrack 1 [2016.12.21]


Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin

2 (24)


Opening Theme
“Tenkyou no Alderamin”” by Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“nameless” by Kano [Download]——-

Soundtrack [2016.09.28]


Qualidea Code



Opening Theme
“Brave Freak Out” by LiSA [Download]——–
Ending Theme
#1: “Gravity” by ClariS [Download]———–
#2: “Yakusoku -Promise code-” by GARNiDELiA [Download]

#3 “clever” by ClariS×GARNiDELiA [Download]——-

Soundtrack  [Download]


Love Live! Sunshine!!

2 (15)


Opening Theme
“Natsu no Killer Title” by Aquor [Download]——–
Ending Theme by Aqours [Download]

Insert Song 1 [Download]

Insert Song 2 [Download]


B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious

2 (13)


Opening Theme
“Kodou*Ambitious” by B-Project (Kitakore, THRIVE, MooNs) [Download]——–
Ending Theme
#1: “Hoshi to Tsuki no Sentence” by Kitakore [Download]———–
#2: “Starlight” by THRIVE[Download]——
#3: “Yume Miru Power” by MooNs [Download]



Arslan Senki  Fuujin Ranbu

2 (9)


Opening Theme
“Tsubasa” by Eir Aoi [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“blaze” by Kalafina [Download]——-


Masou Gakuen HxH

2 (20)


Opening Theme
“miele paradiso” by Iori Nomizu [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“Chi” by Inori Nomizu [Download]



2 (31)


Opening Theme
“The LiBERTY” by Fo’xTails [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“HIDE-AND-SEEK” by Kenichi Suzumura [Download]

Soundtrack [2016.10.19]


Taboo Tattoo

2 (1)


Opening Theme
“Belief” by May’n [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“EGOISTIC EMOTION” by TRIGGER [Bluesy Fluesy (Mikako Komatsu) & Touko Ichinose (Chika Anzai)] [Download]

Soundtrack [2016.10.30]


Fate/kaleid liner Prisma?Illya 3rei!!

2 (16)


Opening Theme
“Asterism” by ChouCho [Download]——–
Ending Theme

Soundtrack [2016.10.12]


Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!

2 (2)-


Opening Theme
“STARTING NOW!” by Nana Mizuki [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“cubic futurismo” by Sumire Uesaka [Download]

Soundtrack [2016.09.28]



2 (7)


Opening Theme
“Million Clouds” by Maaya Sakamoto [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“Futari Shoujo” by Tekopikari (Ai Kayano & Eri Suzuki) [Download]

Soundtrack [Download]


Ange Vierge

2 (25)


Opening Theme
“Love is MY RAIL” by Konomi Suzuki [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“Link with U” by L.I.N.K.s (Yuuka Aisaka, Mai Ishihara, Yoshiko Ikuta, Rie Takahashi, Nozomi Yamamoto) [Download]

Soundtrack [2016.10.28]



2 (21)


Opening Theme
“Hikari no Hahen” by Yu Takahashi [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“Mirai” by Kobukuro [Download]

Soundtrack [2016.10.12]


Mob Psycho 100

2 (22)


Opening Theme
“99” by MOB CHOIR [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“Refrain Boy” by ALL OFF [Download]



2 (28)


Opening Theme
“Deal with” by OLDCODEX [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“sunlight avenue” by Takuma Terashima [Download]

Soundtrack [2016.10.19]


Tales of Zestiria the X

2 (29)


Opening Theme
“Kaze no Uta” by FLOW [Download]——–

Ending Theme

“Calling” by Fhana [Download]

Soundtrack [2016.12.23]


Amaama to Inazuma

2 (5)


Opening Theme
“Harebare Fanfare” by MimimemeMIMI [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“Maybe” by Brian the Sun [Download]

Soundtrack 1 [2016.11.10]



2 (12)


Opening Theme
“Itsuka no Jibun” by anderlust [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“Ashita, Haru ga Kitara” by anderlust [Download]

Soundtrack 1 [Download]



kk2 (4)


Theme song by
Performer: Six Gravity (Yuki Kaji, Kosuke Toriumi, Toshiki Masuda, Tomoaki Maeno, Yoshimasa Hosoya, KENN) [Download]——–
Performer: Procellarum (Shouta Aoi, Wataru Hatano, Tetsuya Kakihara, Takashi Kondo, Kensho Ono, Ryohei Kimura) [Download]


Active Raid: Kidou 2nd

2 (6)


Opening Theme
“Cerulean Squash” by Yuuka Aisaka [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“Field Trip!!” by Liko (Tomoyo Kurosawa) [Download]

Soundtrack [Download]


Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars

2 (26)


Opening Theme
“Divine Spell” by TRUE [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“Patria” by Minami [Download]

Soundtrack 1 [2016.12.14]


Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! LOVE!——–

2 (14)


Opening Theme
“Futten Toppa?LOVE IS POWER?” by Chikyuu Bouei-bu [Download]
Ending Theme
“Anata wa Haruka Ittousei” by VEPPer [Download]

Character Song Vepper [Download]

Binan Battle Lovers SONGS – LOVE Fountain ! [Download]

Binan Chikyu Boeibu Duet Songs Love Attack ! [Download]


Cheer Danshi!!——–

2 (3)


Opening Theme
“Hajime no Ippo” by Luck Life [Download]——–
Ending Theme——–
“LIMIT BREAKERS” by BREAKERS [Haruki Bandou (Yuki Yonai), Kazuma Hashimoto (Nobuhiko Okamoto), Shou Tokugawa (Yuuki Ono), Wataru Mizoguchi (Tomokazu Sugita), Kouji Toono (Yuu Hayashi), Souichirou Suzuki (Kousuke Kuwano), Gen Hasegawa (Kazuyuki Konishi)] [Download]

Soundtrack 1 [2016.10.05]



2 (4)


Opening Theme
“Wake We Up” by HOWL BE QUIET [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“EVERLASTING DAYS” by Seiseki High School Soccer Club (Takuto Yoshinaga, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Daisuke Namikawa, Daisuke Ono, Mamoru Miyano) [Download]

Soundtrack 1 [2016.10.03]

Character Song 1 & 2 [Download] / [Download]


Fukigen na Mononokean

2 (10)


Opening Theme
“Tomodachi Meter” by The Super Ball [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“Tobira no Mukou” by Hanae Ashiya (Yuki Kaji) and Haruitsuki Abeno (Tomoaki Maeno) [Download]

Soundtrack 1 [2017.01.11]


New Game!

2 (8)


Opening Theme
“SAKURA Skip” by fourfolium [Aoba Suzukaze (Yuuki Takada), Hifumi Takimoto (Megumi Yamaguchi), Hajime Shinoda (Megumi Toda), Yun Iijima (Ayumi Takeo)] [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“Now Loading!!!!” by fourfolium [Aoba Suzukaze (Yuuki Takada), Hifumi Takimoto (Megumi Yamaguchi), Hajime Shinoda (Megumi Toda), Yun Iijima (Ayumi Takeo)] [Download]


Saiki Kusuo no ? Nan

2 (23)


Opening Theme
“Seishun wa Zankoku Janai ” por Natsuki Hanae [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“Ψ desu I LIKE YOU” por Dempagumi. Inc [Download]


Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu

2 (18)


Opening Theme
“SEKAI wa Boy Meets Boy?” by Wataru Hatano [Download]





Opening Theme
“Daisuki da yo Daisuki da yo, Umaretekite Arigatou” by Yuki Kurihara (CV: Ai Kakuma), Shinya Momotsuki (CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto) [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“ETERNAL Explorer by Mia REGINA [Download]



Scared Rider Xechs



Opening Theme
“Ao to Kurenai no Forzato ” by Yousuke Christoph Komae (Tatsuhisa Suzuki) & Takuto Kirisawa (Mamoru Miyano) [Download]——–
Ending Theme
“old revelation” by Hijiri Mutsuki (KENN) [Download]


Hatsukoi Monster

-2 (3)


Theme Song
“First Love Monster” by Shota Aoi [Download]

Shota Aoi no have plans to release the ending lol


Hitori no Shita: The Outcast



Japanese version from the op no confimed yet. ending to


Puzzle & Dragons X



Opening Theme
“WE ARE GO” by UVERworld [Download]——–




Accel World: Infinite∞Burst

3 (2)


Theme Song



One Piece Film: Gold

3 (4)


Theme Song

“Ikari wo Kure yo” by GLIM SPANKY [Download]

Soundtrack [Download]


Planetarin movie

3 (5)


Theme Song

“Hoshi no Fune ” by Lia [2016.09.21]


Kimi no Na wa.

3 (3)


Kimi no Na wa.
“Zen Zen Zense” by RADWIMPS [Download]

Soundtrack [Download]




New System from delay CDs [Comments System]


Time to comment boys 🙂



For now some cd… yeah a rare cd with delay (days or weeks delay) will be purchased by my. but this cds is not for regular users , who they have never commented on page.

+ Veteran users (members will already comment in the page and have comments in the page or active members in the hikarinoakari chat)

+ Plus users (already have coments in forum 30 or more)

+ LOL user ( already coment in the page say thanks for any of my post 15 or more) (and dont try to make alot of comments now = spam)


if you are one of those contact me in the forum or my email , put your nickname from the forum or disqus comments. and i give the CD.

and for normal users i put the cd when another page put the cd or 4 days later.

and maybe u asking why why you do this? because some people in internet try to play with popular upladers putting up a cd then dont have it with imaginary size lolx2 or lecchers boys arround here.

[PD this rule is apply only for cd with delay with 6 days or more]




Por ahora algunos CD si, con retraso (días o semanas) seran comprados por mi y estos cd no son para los miembros regular que no han comentados ni una sola vez en la página.

+ Veteran users: Miembros que estan registrados en el foro tienen comentarios en diquis y son activos en el chat)

+ Plus users (tienen mas 30 comentarios en el foro y djieron gracias por el post)

+ LOL user ( ya comentaros en disquis y tienen mas 15 comentarios agradeciendo)

Si eres uno de esos miembros contacteme en mi email o mandame un pm en foro. pon tu nombre que usas y te dare el link del disco.

Y talvez te preguntes por que hago esto. por algunos noobs en internet jugan de populares poniendo discos que no han salidos y ponen discos sin links. y muchos lecches que andan aqui.


[PD: Esta regla solo aplica a discos con retradoso de 6 días o más)