Collecting Donations from April [Complete]

Hello guys im collecting the donations from April, this month we need $50 🙂

+Pay Hosting (free DMCA located in Holanda/Netherlands)

+Pay Dedicated Server.

+Pay Hosting from the forum.


[Status in progress $50 / $50]

[$1 +$5+$20+$5+$10+$5+$2+$4]


The Donations must be ready before 4/04/2017 this month or the page die…

Goodbye tsuba?

tsuba: and yeah i leave in april (The page will not close yet), i update the page in my free time only (Nights) now i do not have same time that had the last years.. so the page will be update slow this time. and dont worry i will be upload the same content. And lastly , I put a lot of effort to reupload every anime collection in march and maybe the request zones will be closed temporarily.


“thanks for the support” –HnA never dies—

How to donate?