Collecting Donations from August [In progress..]

Hello Dear Anime Music Fans im collecting the donations from August, we need $50 this month.

+Pay Hosting (Free DMCA located in Holanda/Netherlands) [1month]

+Pay Dedicated Server. [10MB of upload speed] [40 MB download speed] [1month]

+Pay Hosting from the forum. [1month]


[Status in progress $30/ $50]

$2 US , $ 3 Vietnam , $ 25 US

Any Donations is wellcome.

The Donations must be ready before 04/08/2017 to prevent extra charges or page suspendend for no pay in time.



How to donate?

Clic in Paypal Botton bellow on the right from the page .

Remember Hikarinoakariost using a safe server with high speed like googledrive,mega,mediafire,cloudup,yandex,filesfm. with not annoying advertising and share music in High Quality.Will be uploading the Summer anime Season soon.

PD: this month will be add the music from the Comiket Market 92 (Doujin,Utaite and Vocaloid CDs)

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