Comiket 90 Music Download Thread & Request


Comiket90Comiket 90 Music Download Thread & Request

[su_note note_color=”#dee6fe”]The semiannual Comic Market Doujin Fair in Tokyo, where a huge amount of doujin material is released. Some companies also participate in this event with convention-exclusive goods. Official website:[/su_note]

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How to request:

  • Request ONLY CD’s for this event (C90), other requests or complaints will be ignored.
  • Request the CD in the comments box. (put the link from site and the name from the cd)
  • Check under if the CD is already posted before requesting, or use the search box.
  • Vocaloid CDs Preview here
  • Utaite CDs Preview Here
  • Doujin/ CDs Preview Catalog / VGMDB


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