DuRaRaRa!!x2 Ten Soundtrack CD デュラララ!!×2 転 第5巻 特典CD(Download)

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 Release (2015.12.23) / Catalog Number ANZX-11822

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  Bonus CD Vol.5 Composed by Makoto Yoshimori Tracklist 01 The Story is Eternal 02 Jet Black Shadow Covering the Sky 03 The Eccentric Returned 04 Red Sunfish Negitoro 05 Ikebukuro Walker 06 Dancing Jokingly With You 07 In His Room 08 Quiet Request 09 Love’s Revenge 10 Explosive Situation 11 Spiral of Ice 12 Set A Thief To Catch A Thief 13 Stalking Strings 14 Red-Eyed Mob 15 Soul Fragments 16 Unwavering Thoughts 17 Wandering Fate 18 To Returning Days  

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