FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS Original Soundtrack (Download) 

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Release (2014.12.17) / Catalog No. SQEX-10464 

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For 3DS GAME: FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS Original Soundtrack Music Composed, Arranged & Produced by Tsuyoshi Sekito



01 Explorers
02 Time of Departure
03 Life of the Hometown
04 Vast Ends of the Earth
05 Rainbow Skies
06 Between Dimensions
07 Wind of Hope
08 Chocobo Lock
09 Suspect Ground
10 Fluctuation of Sight
11 On the Path of Predecessors
12 March of the Brave
13 Intercepting Blade
14 Steps Toward Victory
15 Flame Giant
16 Awakening the Order of Phoenix
17 The Wolf’s Heaven
18 Deity of Creation and Destruction
19 Magical Beast of the Wind
20 Patron of Water
21 Legendary Thunder
22 Devil’s Door
23 The Champion’s Blue Sky
24 Dazzle of the Mystics
25 Holy Citadel
26 Eternal Toshin
27 Last Promise
28 Neverending Journey
29 Iryoku Crystal
30 Grand Fanfare
31 Color of Illusion
32 Iryoku Gods
33 Start Expedition
34 Battle 1 [Final Fantasy IV] -Final Fantasy Explorers Edit-
35 Battle 1 [Final Fantasy V] -Final Fantasy Explorers Edit-
36 Battle Theme [Final Fantasy VI] -Final Fantasy Explorers Edit-
37 Those Who Fight [Final Fantasy VII] -Final Fantasy Explorers Edit-
38 Don’t Be Afraid [Final Fantasy VIII] -Final Fantasy Explorers Edit-
39 Normal Battle [Final Fantasy X] -Final Fantasy Explorers Edit-
40 YuRiPa Battle 3 [Final Fantasy X-2] -Final Fantasy Explorers Edit-
41 Boss Theme [Final Fantasy XII] -Final Fantasy Explorers Edit-
42 Blinded by Light [Final Fantasy XIII] -Final Fantasy Explorers Edit-