fourfolium – SAKURA SKIP (Single) NEW GAME! OP

  • Bethany F


  • Iwan D’Alcander

    Yess… thank you for uploading

  • Anthony James Bretto

    yeah don’t ever torrent anything from [Mashin] on torrents unless its FLAC xD but who knows it may be transcoded to FLAC haha..

    • oh yeah he trasconded flac to lol dont provide the cue+log

      • yumeyume50

        yeah i never download again from this guy [Mashin] he transcoded 128k to 320k really bad.. and break my ears ,prefer to download all here and tsuba update the quality 🙂

      • Anthony Tony Bear

        I bought and uploaded an iTunes rip of ZAQ – NRMR on Jpopsuki if u wanna put that up instead.

  • Ranmaru-San

    Thank you -w-

  • thanks!

  • Tạ Quang Trí


  • Blazian

    Thanks 🙂

  • Marveintz

    Thank You!!

  • ShamaloDXD

    No 320 kbps? 🙁

  • Rizky Andika


  • Shinn39

    Thanks! I really love this OP… 😀

  • Arigatô Gozaimasu por 「“NEW GAME!” Opening Theme」

  • Nishizumi Maho


  • On my Fav. List, Thanks!