High School Star Musical OVA01 Bonus CD

  • the password is the name from this website.. easy peasy (not incluyed the .info)

    • BANG!(゚皿゚)r┏┳−−−*

      ahahah. thanks a lot for this.

  • Sonia Shiroyama

    Thank you so much!!! Our musical boys are back <3

  • gege2

    thank u very much

  • mj

    thanks 😀

  • Cesia Berenice

    Thank youuu! 😀 ❤

  • MrsAnime1239

    will there be an anime of this????? qwq i want them baaccccckkkk omg th song is just arghhh

  • kira saiko

    what is the password for this CD??

    • Ksteven


      That’s the main website, so the password is the name of the main site, not this one.

      • kira saiko

        thank you ^_^

  • Aqeela AlSayed

    it’s not working