Kaleido Star OST (Music Collection)

Kaleido Star OST カレイドスターMusic Collecion

OP/ED Singles – Soundtracks – Dramas – Characters Songs


All Files in MP3/320K and incluyed Scans



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Kaleido Star OST1 – Omatase! Sugoi Soundtrack Kaleido Star OST2 – Matamata Sugoi Soundtrack Kaleido Star OST3 – Aratanaru Sugoi Soundtrack
Cover Cover 3
Kaleido Star OST4 – Tenshi no Sugoi Soundtrack Kaleido Star Vocal Album ~Minna de Sugoi Utacchaou~ Kaleido Star Vocal Album ~Minna no Sugoi Character Song~
4 1 2
Mini Album – 2-maime no Sugoi Sound Illusion Drama CDs [4CDs]
33 4
Kaleido Star-Hamjimeteno Sugoi Mini Album Opening1 Kaleido Star 2nd Opening Single Kaleidostar OP3 + ED3 Single – Tattoo Kiss
01 2 3
Kaleido Star ED2 – Boku wa Kokoni Iru


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