Karneval OST (Music Collection)


Karneval OST カーニヴァル OST Download

OP&ED Singles – Soundtrack – Characters Songs – Dramas – Bonus CD



This Collection can be Download only in the forum here




OP Single – Henai no Rondo [GRANRODEO]———————
ED Single – REASON [KAmiYU]———————
Character Song Vol.1 Nai (CV:Hiro Shimono)———————
Character Song Vol.2 Yogi (CV:Mamoru Miyano, Aya Endo)———————
Character Song Vol.3 Hirato (CV:Daisuke Ono, Daisuke Hirakawa)———————
Character Song Vol.4 Karoku (CV: Soichiro Hoshi, Junichi Suwabe)———————
Character Song Vol.5 Gareki (CV:Hiroshi Kamiya)—————————————-
Karneval Original Soundtrack


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