LiSA – Rally Go Round (Single) Nisekoi S2 OP [Regular & Limited]


LiSA – Rally Go Round (Download)

File Size: 40MB /138MBZIP / (MP3/320K/FLAC/BK)

Release (2015.05.27) / Catalog Number SVWC-70083~4

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Nisekoi Season 2 Opening



[Regular Edition version]

01 Rally Go Round
02 Orange Cider
03 Wake up! Sloth
04 Rally Go Round -istumental-

[Limited Anime version]

 03 Kimochi Factory
04 Rally Go Round -TV ver.-

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    Por dios… la espera ha terminado, muchas gracias!!!!! >_<

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    do you planning uploading flac version ?

    • flac is uploading now.. wait :p

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  • Yoshida Haru

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    terima kasih op nisekoi 2

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    muchas gracias lo estaba esperando ahora a esperar que saquen el ed bueno adios saludos

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    Thanks! BTW, can you upload Kimochi Factory and the scans (16-p Booklet)??

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  • Arigatō Gozaimasu por 「Nisekoi Season 2 Opening」.

  • Ryan Jones

    Regular version, what’s the other version?

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    I thought this was Niekoi’s character/ED songs already haha but really cute cover for anime edition! thank you!

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    Thx btw what do you mean about the other version?

    • limited anime version incluyed other track… 3 Kimochi Factory.

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    Lisa is just awesome and so you guys thanks for the single

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  • add limited tracks + BK

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    Really a turn off when i can’t edit the file! i get it’s for protecting but at least put the Artist name so i don’t have to. i don’t like it having just the title kinda ruins it for me. Still thanks for this

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