MYTH & ROID – Paradisus-Paradoxum (Single) Re:Zero OP2

  • Ben-hail Valiente

    Thank You *O*

  • Kuroryu_21

    Gracias por el opening!!!

  • HalfwayDead

    This is awesome, such an amazing opening, thank you so much!! ^^

  • Rexy trianto parapa’

    Thank you for uploading this OP song ^^

  • CapturingGod316

    quick question what happened to tracks 3 and 4 the instrumental version why aren’t they included?

    • is not available yet, wait for official release

      • CapturingGod316

        oh i see thanks i m really looking forward to the full version of Kaze no Uta and Burn. Thank you

  • Hakaru >w<

    Cuando publican el ending de servamp???, y gracias por el opening

  • sandoxclocker

    Thanks for the OP and ED !

  • rhavaz

    FLAC when

  • mj

    thanks 😀

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    thank u so much

  • Luis Farinango

    lo estaba esperando

  • yudi_takashi

    will the rest of the song upload?

    • i see this cd have release date no? what do you think….

  • this song remind me to crusch and felix lol

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  • Triginta VI

    Will there be a flac upload on the official release?

  • BANG!(゚皿゚)r┏┳−−−*

    OMG! Already?! Awesome. Thanks.

  • diego

    Gracias por el aporte.
    El instrumental? cuando :(=?

  • Ivan

    Gracias esta es la mejor serie del año y la mejor que a salido en al menos 5 años
    Hace rato esperaba el op

  • Remilia

    thanks 😀

  • Kaori

    2nd opening theme is done by MYTH&ROID, not Emilia.

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    Gracias por el single!

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    Thanks TTwTT …

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    Love this OP ^^

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  • Arigatô Gozaimasu por 「Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu」

  • Anthony Tony Bear

    The first track doesn’t have Emilia seiyuu on it! Lol

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    Nice, thanks…

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    Muchas gracias!

  • Many thanks!

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  • Thank you very much!

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    Gracias por el aporte!!!!

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