nano.RIPE – Kodama Kotodama (Single) Non Non Biyori Repeat OP


nano.RIPE – Kodama Kotodama こだまことだま (Download)

File Size: 26MB / 72MB/ ZIP / (MP3/320K/BK/FLAC)

 Release (2015.07.22) / Catalog Number LACM-14373

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Non Non Biyori Repeat Opening Theme



[Anime Edition]
1. こだまことだま
2. みずたまり


[Limited Edition Track]

3. 日付変更線

  • Артём Костяшин

    One song missing

    • this the anime edition pls read

      • Артём Костяшин

        so, regular edition when?

        • after the oficial release maybe

        • after the oficial release maybe

  • Kawaisaki Hiroto HD

    Yeee dah rilis :3
    *kawaisaki hiroto IV

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  • Lupus


  • Nyanpasu!!! Thanks!!!

  • Arigatō Gozaimasu por 「Non Non Biyori Repeat Opening Theme」.

  • Arigatō Gozaimasu por 「Non Non Biyori Repeat Opening Theme」.

  • Nyan pasu pasu~ sankyuu~

  • Amatsukaze nano desu >.<

    Arigatou nano desu

  • add limited edition track

    • Thanks. I saw on JpopAsia there was a third track in the single. 🙂

    • Can you add it back? The current download link doesn’t include it.

      • back what? u asking for 3rd track.. sorry i dont have it

        • I used to have it, but I lost some music files including my nano.RIPE songs. 🙁

  • Thank you for this. <3

  • Konoha97

    please fix the download link are being removed

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  • So now there’s only one download link for all three songs? Nice. 😀

  • Can you please add another link to Hizukehenkōsen?