NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Original Soundtrack III

  • үυяι cяεαм-sεηραι

    After all these years *__*

  • Andres Artigas Ceballos

    There are a lot of tracks out of this album, but i’m happy 🙂

  • Abyss


  • KITE

    A new naruto soundtrack!? what is this sourcery

  • Miyu


  • HalfwayDead

    Been waiting sooo long for this, thanks soo much!! ^^

  • Finally after almost 7 years!!! And this have the best songs!!! Thank you so much!

  • Arthur Mendes

    6 anos depois e finalmente lançou a terceira trilha sonora 😮

  • Grace Kondorura

    Thank u

  • Htoo Htike

    thank you soo much

  • Luis2592

    Muchas gracias por el Soundtrack

  • DEFC

    really milking the cow huh? lol

  • Kevin Núñez

    THANKS!!! <3

  • Alex Jr Lira

    Arigatou ^-^