• cryosx

    04 is sung by CASG

  • CBL

    Tv drama?

    • http://hikarinoakariost.info/ tsuba20

      no anime…. lol

      • CBL

        i didnt know that you also post Tv dramas Ost 🙂

        • http://hikarinoakariost.info/ tsuba20

          no only because the ost is composed of one of the best composers of Japan Sawano!

  • Titakin

    Thank you very much Tsuba-chan. <3

  • Chris

    Well.. I think this one is not the Original Soundtrack 1? I downloaded it and it was the 3 one. Thanks anyway!

  • nanamzk

    which was the song of little voice(takashi) these lyrics: nakanaide nakanaide, shinu made isshoni taiyo, tsuyoku yasashiku dakishimete, zutto zutto hanasanai yo.
    please tell me