NORAGAMI ARAGOTO Original Soundtrack


NORAGAMI ARAGOTO Original Soundtrack (Download)

File Size: 259MB / ZIP / (MP3/320K/BK)

 Release (2015.11.25) / Catalog No. EYCA-10724~5

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Composed by Taku Iwasaki



Disc 1
01 Let’s rumble
02 Dope
03 Kainoratan
04 Distortion
05 Crossover
06 nocturne
07 Never say never
08 Reincarnation
09 Hollow
10 Dodge a bullet
11 Footstep
12 Zen
13 Yatotan
14 One shot
15 Ookunitan
16 Pain
17 Shake H&
18 Noratan (Love Noragami mix)


Disc 2

01 Youthful
02 Jolly
03 Chill out
04 Fellow
05 Grant
06 Tasogare
07 Ra-Ta-Ta
08 Yasumi
09 Obsessed
10 M27
11 Wana
12 Shady
13 Push buttons 6
14 Retrospect
15 Glorious
16 Gate Of Heaven
17 Ordeal
18 Yomi
19 Capypa Land ga Matteiru


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  • Tiene canciones vocales o todas instrumentales?

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    • dont download files in trash sites ^^

      • Well Zac got it so I wouldn’t call he trash.. He has done a lot for the soundtrack anime community.

        • requesting money for no selfpurchase = trash ^^ thanks to the chinese guys and zac only

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  • Hokannin Youjin

    Umm.. I know this is not the place to say this…
    I’m just curious about who is Taku Iwasaki?

    I wonder why his music ‘Push Button’ has the Syahadat recitation (the recitation read by muslims and those who revert to Islam to become a muslim)
    any idea about his background?
    or maybe any other of his music that resembles ‘Push Button’?

    • Ati

      Not really. It’s more of a call for prayer rather than just saying it when you’re reverting to Islam. It literally says ‘Rise for prayer time’.

      • Hokannin Youjin

        oh yeah true. i only heard the first part. i literally stop when i heard ‘ashadu an muhammad rasuulullah’.
        but still…. *sigh*

  • Ati

    Okay seriously this music is perfect. <3

    I'm Muslim and seriously this is awesome music. About 'that' track, I don't feel offended because our Adhan is basically call to prayer and swearing God is the greatest so I don't think adding it in a music would offend me at all. I do understand some people would feel offended and I'm glad they did damage control but honestly… LISTEN TO ALL THESE BEAUTIFUL TRACKS OMG.

  • Juan Aurich