Onegai Teacher / Onegai Twins OST (Music Collection)



Onegai Teacher おねがい☆ティーチャー  / Onegai Twins おねがい☆ツインズ OST (Download)

OP&ED Themes / Soundtrack / Dramas / Characters Songs

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Onegai Twins






DISC 01 Theme & Character Vocal Collection

DISC 02 Image Vocal Collection

DISC 03 Complete Sound Track 1

DISC 04 Complete Sound Track 2

DISC 05 Drama CD 1 Jikan me -Ichaicha Twins-

DISC 07 Drama CD 2 Jikan me -Yuriyuri Twins-

DISC 08 Drama CD 2 Jikan me -Yuriyuri Twins- supplement disc

DISC 09 Drama CD 3 Jikan me -Ikuiku Twins-

DISC 10 Drama CD 3 Jikan me -Ikuiku Twins- supplement disc

DISC 11 Drama CD Another Story -Onegai Friends-

DISC 12 OP & ED Single Second Flight [KOTOKO & Satou Hiromi]


Onegai Twins Teacher


[Onegai Teacher CD Box -Ortensia-]





DISC 1 Vocal Collection

DISC 2 Off Vocal Collection

DISC 3 Complete Soundtrack I

DISC 4 Complete Soundtrack II

DISC 5 Drama Album -Mizuho Sensei Dokkiri-

DISC 6 Drama Album -Mizuho Sensei de Iyan-

DISC 7 Drama Album -Mizuho Sensei de Bakaan-

DISC 8 Drama Album -Mizuho Sensei no Chotto Dakeyo-

DISC 9 Memorial Box Drama Disc

DISC10 OP&ED Single Shoting Star [KOTOKO – Mami Kawada]


  • Everardo JImenez

    no tendran un link para descargar la serie de onegai teacher? hace tiempo que lo vi y lo quiero volver a ver, pera ya todos los links estan caidos :´v