Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon: Super Music Collection

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  • Hau

    The track that I wanted was not included. Maybe it is one of the remaining tracks that were not yet uploaded. *cross fingers*

  • Thanh Nam Phùng

    What is the password to extract itunes version?

    • Ksteven


      • Endy Heng

        that password didn’t work

  • Josel

    I’ll save you 2331 clicks. There you go:

    • Ksteven

      Bad for you, any links goes to spamm and nobody can see it :3

      • Josel

        So you like to earn money with stuf it’s not yours and possibly infect people with adware and some fishy sites? Sounds cool uwu

        • Ksteven

          First, you are download that stuff.
          Second we do not put any adware adverstiment, and never ask to install anything, if you end clicking the wrong buttons and jumping site to site and end up in adware sites it’s your problem to not follow instructions.

  • Man of Mercy

    The MEGA link is nothing but a survey. My filter blocked the survey site as a Spyware/phishing site. So here’s another link to get the MEGA file (remove(dot))


    • Ksteven

      It’s not a survey… Link removed.

      I just access the link and it’s fine.

      • Sakata

        Steven joto :v

        • Ksteven

          Casha win >:C

  • Otone Fujishiro

    Not disabling adblock. Why would I help you earn money off shit that isn’t yours? This is just really sad.

  • Yo.

    What is the password of .rar itunes version?