Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Special Soundtrack CD 1

  • Shawn Lee

    The sad part is that we can only click “Thank you” once. You deserve more.

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    Please upload the FLAC and wav+cue GOD Tsubasa, thanks.

    • done..

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    Gracias! Me encanta la carátula, Bea-ko <3

  • Shawn Lee

    Soundtrack number 24. You’re welcome.

    “What will you show me?”
    “The swordplay of the Astrea family.”

    -glowing sword-

    “The Bowel Hunter, Elsa Granhiert”
    “Reinhard van Astrea, of the line of master swordsmen.”

    • cryosx

      24 best one on this one

    • Shiryuujin Hiyami

      ‘Everyone’s exited to see some of his swordplay and he is like:
      “LOL. OK”
      And fires of a tactical nuke’
      – Gigguk

  • Horizonfalls

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  • Ivan

    Thank you very much
    CD 1?
    How many Cd has the Soundtrack?

    • Shawn Lee

      at the moment i think there’s two. The second one will come out early December, I’m assuming it will contain the epic ending ost of episode 15.

  • Alfredo Pozo

    Do you kown when the OST of the last part from EP15 is coming? u.u

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    16 – Looking for the light

    I cried manly tears

    Thx for the OST 🙂

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    Where i can find the Stix Helix slow version from Ep 7 ?

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