T.M.Revolution (Discography)


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[su_note note_color=”#dee6fe”]T.M.Revolution or Nishikawa Takanori is a prolific Japanese pop-rock artist commonly known as T.M.Revolution (Takanori Makes Revolution or T.M.R.), his solo project. Though more recently he is also known for his other acts such as abingdon boys school. In addition to this, he is also known for his song contributions to the popular animes Rurouni Kenshin and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED series. He is also known as being the first artist to be signed to Tofu Records in the United States. In 2012, he joined T.M.H.R..[/su_note]

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T.M.Revolution – 1000000000000 [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – Albireo [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – Aoi Hekireki [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – BLACK OR WHITE- version 3 [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – Burnin’ X’mas [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – BTETSTT [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – CLOUD NINE [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – Coordinate [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – DISCORdanza Try My Remix ~ Single Collections [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – FLAGS [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – HEART OF SWORD ~Yoake Mae~ [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – HEAT CAPACITY [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS ~Get the Power~ [M4A]
T.M.Revolution – Hesoshukujo -Venus- [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – HIGH PRESSURE [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – HOT LIMIT [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – ignited [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – INVOKE [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – Ishin Level?3 [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – KAGEROH [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – Lakers [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – LEVEL 4 [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – Madan -Der Freischutz- [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – Makes Revolution [WMA]
T.M.Revolution – Naked arms – SWORD SUMMIT [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – Progress [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – Resonance [MP3 +Scans]
T.M.Revolution – Save The One, Save The All [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – SEVENTH HEAVEN [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – Summer Blizzard [M4A ]
T.M.Revolution – The Force [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – THUNDERBIRD [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – Triple Joker [MP3 +Scans]
T.M.Revolution – UNDERCOVER [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – UTAGE [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – Vertical Infinity [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – vestige [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – WHITE BREATH [MP3]
T.M.Revolution – X42S-REVOLUTION [MP3]
T.M.Revolution X Nana Mizuki – Preserved Roses [Regular Edition] [MP3]
T.M.Revolution X Nana Mizuki – Preserved Roses [Singe] [MP3]
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