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nano.RIPE – Shiawase no Kutsu (Album)


nano.RIPE – Shiawase no Kutsu シアワセのクツ (Download)

File Size: 146MB / ZIP / (MP3/320K)

 Release (2015.09.23) / Catalog Number LACA-15514

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Single collection from nano.RIPE, who welcomes the fifth anniversary since his debut from a major label. Contains 15 tracks total, including “Hana no Iro” (intro theme for anime “Hanasaku Iroha”), “Real World” (intro theme for anime “Humanity Has Declined”), and “Nanairo Biyori” (intro theme for anime “Non Non Biyori”). Also includes new track(s).


1. 色彩
2. 絵空事
3. もしもの話
4. なないろびより
5. 月花
6. 細胞キオク
7. ゆきのせい
8. フラッシュキーパー
9. 透明な世界
10. リアルワールド
11. 面影ワープ
12. ハナノイロ
13. 影踏み
14. パトリシア
15. 地球に針


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