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(C92) Melodic Taste – Toho Symphony -Dainishu-

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Melodic Taste (Discography) [MP3]

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[su_note note_color=”#dee6fe”]Specializes in orchestral arrangements of anime songs and Touhou music.[/su_note]

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2010 – Anime Song Orchestra Vol. I MEGA 1Fichier
2010 – Sennen Gensou Koukyousai MEGA 1Fichier
2011 – Anime Song Orchestra Vol. II MEGA 1Fichier
2011 – Kikou Gensou Symphonica MEGA 1Fichier
2012 – Anime Song Orchestra Vol. III MEGA 1Fichier
2012 – Melodic Battle MEGA 1Fichier
2013 – Anime Song Orchestra Vol. IV MEGA 1Fichier
2013 – Blue Regret MEGA 1Fichier
2013 – KanColle Orchestra! MEGA 1Fichier
2014 – KanColle Orchestra Kai MEGA 1Fichier
2015 – Toho Orchestra Compilation Album MEGA 1Fichier
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(C89) Melodic Taste – 紺色のシンフォニック・スイート

(C89) Melodic Taste - 紺色のシンフォニック・スイート (MP3 320KB)

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(C89) Melodic Taste – 紺色のシンフォニック・スイート (Download)

File Size: 83.5 MB (MP3 320KB)

 Release (2015.12) / Event: Comiket Market (C89)

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[su_tabs][su_tab title=”Tracklist“]Nightmare before Crossroads.mp3
Over Ambivalence.mp3
Trine Intention.mp3
無邪気な狂気 笑顔で暴力.mp3


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