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Rei Yasuda – Prism (2nd Album)

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Rei Yasuda – Prism 安田レイ (Download)

File Size: 142MB / ZIP / (MP3/320K)

 Release (2016.02.03) / Catalog Number SECL-1841

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Rei Yasuda brings the second album featuring the title songs of her three singles, popular B-side tracks, and three new songs produced for this album.



1. Just for you
2. 恋詩
3. あしたいろ
4. Tweedia
5. You’re the one
6. sweet home
7. Lots of Love
8. Mirror acoustic ver
9. シグナル
10. Supercar
11. My way, My life
12. キラメキmoonlight
13. 1AM
14. あしたいろ acoustic ver


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