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Yousei Teikoku (Discography)


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[su_note note_color=”#dee6fe”]Yōsei Teikoku (妖精帝國?, lit. “Fairy Empire”; German: Das Feenreich) is a five-member Japanese musical unit, formed in 1997 and part of Team Fairithm. Their music mixes elements of gothic rock, heavy metal, electronic and classical music. Their works include the opening tracks of the following anime series: Future Diary, Magical Pokan, Innocent Venus, Kurokami: The Animation, The Qwaser of Stigmata, Mai-HiME videogame, Big Order, and the Tokyo ESP soundtrack. They have released several independent albums and four major release albums with their current publisher Lantis: Gothic Lolita Propaganda, metanoia, Gothic Lolita Doctrine , Gothic Lolita Agitator, Pax Vesania and Shadow Corps(e).[/su_note]

Yousei Teikoku – Ashita wo Yurushite (1 single) [MP3]
Yousei Teikoku – Baptize (11 single) [MP3 +Scans]
Yousei Teikoku – Filament (15 single) [MP3]
Yousei Teikoku – Gekkou no chigiri (9 single) [MP3 +Scans]
Yousei Teikoku – Gothic Lolita Agitator [MP3 +Scans]
Yousei Teikoku – Gothic Lolita Doctrine [MP3 +Scans]
Yousei Teikoku – Gothic Lolita Propaganda [MP3 +Scans]
Yousei Teikoku – Hades;The bloody rage (7 single) [MP3 +Scans]
Yousei Teikoku – Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox Vocal Album [MP3]
Yousei Teikoku – Kuusou Mesorogi (14 single) [MP3]
Yousei Teikoku – Metanoia [MP3 +Scans]
Yousei Teikoku – Mischievous of Alice (13 single) [MP3]
Yousei Teikoku – Noble Roar  (3 single) [MP3 +Scans]
Yousei Teikoku – One (10 single) [MP3 +Scans]
Yousei Teikoku – Pax Vesania [MP3]
Yousei Teikoku – Rebellion Anthem (12 single) [MP3]
Yousei Teikoku – Schwarzer Sarg (6 single) [MP3 +Scans]
Yousei Teikoku – Senketsu no Chikai (2 single) [MP3 +Scans]
Yousei Teikoku – Shijun no Zankoku (5 single) [MP3 +Scans]
Yousei Teikoku – Shito Kakusei [MP3]
Yousei Teikoku – Valkyrja (4 single) [MP3]
Yousei Teikoku – WeiB Flugel (8 single) [MP3 +Scans]
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Yousei Teikoku – DISORDER (Single) Big Order OP

Fortissimo complete best album 10th Anniversary


Fortissimo complete best album 10th Anniversary カデンツァ フェルマータ アコルト:フォルテシモ La’cryma10周年記念限定版 特典音楽CD「fortissimo complete best  (Download)

File Size: 149MB / ZIP / (MP3/320K)

 Release (2016.02.26) / Catalog Number

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  – “fortissimo complete best album” CD containing all OP/ED/Insert Songs from fortissimo//Akkord:nächsten Phase

Vocals: Megu Sakuragawa , fripside , yozuka* Yousei Teikoku , Aira Yuuki , Hruka Shimotsuki , Lly-an – No life Negotiator



01. fortissimo-the ultimate crisis-/ fripSide
02. Asgard / 妖精帝國
03. keep existing / 妖精帝國
04. My wish = Only one / yozuca*
05. 柔らかな桜光 / 加瀬愛奈
06. Swear / 結城アイラ
07. REW / 霜月はるか
08. Fata Morgana / 妖精帝國
09. Umbrella / Lily-an
10. fortissimo-from insanity affection-/ fripSide
11. LOST GARDEN / No Life Negotiator
12. 昏き世界の慟哭 / 妖精帝國
13. Revive /桜川めぐ
14. 神的創造 / 妖精帝國

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Yousei Teikoku – SHADOW CORPS[e] (Album)


Yousei Teikoku – SHADOW CORPS[e] 妖精帝國 (Download)

File Size: 121MB / ZIP / (MP3/320K)

 Release (2015.08.05) / Catalog Number LACA-15496

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Yosei Teikoku brings the sixth album.



01 Attack!!
02 “D” chronicle
03 anshoku corsage
04 Shirogane Bara Kitan
05 Zan’ya no Kemono
06 calvariae
07 Infection
08 Geki
09 ancient moonlit battleground
10 Shadow Corps
11 Tainaidokei Toshi Orloj