Tales of OST (Music Collection)

talesofasteria1Tales of OST (Music Collection)

Soundtracks – Theme Songs – OP&ED – Ovas – BEST – Concert

All files in MP3/320k incluyed scans/Booklet. [18GB total]

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Soundtracks [Games&Anime]

+Tales of Destiny 2 OST ——-
+Tales of Destiny OST (PS2 Version) ——-
+Tales of Eternia Remaster Audio OST ——-
+Tales of Graces OST ——-
+Tales of Hearts OST ——-
+Tales of Innocence OST – Another Innocence
+Tales of Legendia OST
+Tales of Phantasia – Narikiri Dungeon X OST
+Tales of Rebirth OST
+Tales of Symphonia – Knight of Ratatosk OST
+Tales of Symphonia OST
+Tales of the Tempest OST
+Tales of the World : Radiant Mythology OST
+Tales of the World : Radiant Mythology 2 OST
+Tales of Phantasia – The Animation (OVA) – Eternal Edition [Disc-Box Set DVD+7CD]
+Tales of Symphonia -The Animation- ~Sylvarant Songs~
+Tales of the Abyss TV Animation OST
+Tales of Vesperia OST
+Tales of VS. OST
+Tales of Xillia OST [CD1 / CD2 / CD3 / CD4]
+Tales of Xillia 2 OST—–
+Tales of Zestiria Original Soundtrack

+Tales of Bersia OST
+Tales Zestria X Animation OST / Dramas CD


Theme Song – OP/ED [Game & Anime]

+Tales of Phantasia PS ED Single – Hoshi wo Sora ni… (Moonlight Version)——-
+Tales of Destiny PS OP Single – Yume de Aru you ni [DEEN]——-
+Tales of Eternia -the animation- OP&ED Single – Sora ni Kakeru Hashi——-
+Tales of the Abyss ED Single – Bouken Suisei [Kurumi Enomoto]——-
+Tales of the Abyss Image Song Album – brilliant world ——-
+Tales of the Abyss -OP Theme Song- supernova~Karma [BUMP OF CHICKEN]——-
+Tales of Hearts Theme Song Single – Eien no Ashita [DEEN] ——-
+Tales of the World : Radiant Mythology Theme Song with you feat.Me [Back-On]——-
+Tales of Innocence OP ED Single – Follow the Nightingale [KOKIA] ——-
+Tales of Innocence R -OP Theme- New Day, New Life [KOKIA] ——-
+Tales of Symphonia OVA THE ANIMATION OP ED Single – ALMATERIA ~Vocal Mix~ / Negai
+Tales of Symphonia OVA THE ANIMATION TETHE’ALLA Episode ED Single – Inori no Kanata [Akiko Shikata] ——-
+Tales of Symphonia The Animation OVA Darega Tame no Sekai [Akiko Shikata]——-
+Tales of Symphonia The Animation OVA Ho N To U So/ Su Ki Ra I- [Me] ——-
+Tales of Symphonia OVA THE ANIMATION OP Theme Tenkuu no Canaria [Nana Mizuki]——-
+Tales of Vesperia Theme Song Single – Kane wo Narashite [BONNIE PINK] ——-
+Tales of VS. Theme Song Single – Be your wings [GIRL NEXT DOOR]——-
+Tales of Graces Theme Song Single – Mamoritai ~White Wishes~ [BoA]——-
+Tales of Xillia OP Single FIVE [Ayumi Hamasaki] ——-
+Tales of Xillia 2 Theme Songs Album – Love [Ayumi Hamasaki] ——-
+Tales of Asteria Theme Song Single [BONNIE PINK]——-
+Tales of the Rays Theme Song Single [Alexandros]——-
+Tales of Zestiria Theme Song White Light [Superfly] (link fixed)——-
+Tales of Zestiria X Animation ED Single Calling [fhana]——-

+Tales of Zestiria the X OP Single FLOW – Kaze no Uta/BURN
+Tales of Zestiria the X S2 ED FLOW – INNOSENSE
+Tales of Zestiria the X OP2 Minami – illuminate


Other CDs

+Tales Of Series Battle Arrange Tracks ——-
+The Best of Tales——-
+20th Anniversary Tales of Orchestra Concert Album——-

+ Tales Orchesta 2016



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    was looking for the vesperia ost for such a long time!

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    falta el op de tales of symphonia knight of ratatosk

  • Maria Sophia Soledad

    Thanks for uploading… But do you have the OST for Tales of Phantasia SNES? The one which is from the original and first tales released last 1990’s? Thanks and Have a good day…

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    Excelente colección Tsuba-chan. Muchas gracias<3.
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    • Ksteven

      Maybe a bug in the site, try using Megadownloader or JDownloader just for that disc.