TRUE – Divine Spell (Single) Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars OP

  • luiz

    Thank you so much for more of true!!!!!!!

  • Hatsuyuki

    Thanks Admin >.<

  • mj

    thank you ­čśÇ

  • Ahen Hiiragizawa

    hi admin. the file is no longer exist in server zippyshare

  • Arigat┼Ź Gozaimasu por ŃÇîRegalia: The Three Sacred Stars Opening ThemeŃÇŹ

  • Zachary Barrett

    hey admin there is no link here where i can download it thanks

    • there is no link??? click in zippyshare pls..

      • Zachary Barrett

        i dont see anything

        • lol clean the cache from u browser and u have more links in the forum to -.-

  • Zachary Barrett

    it says it located in the forum where can is the forum located on the site

    • use the search box in the forum.. up